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B y the time the pregnant woman arrived at the nearest hospital with a maternity ward—90 minutes sprint Delaware date palm leaving her home in Winfield, Ala. She made it just in time, recalls Dan Avery, an obstetrician—gynecologist who tended to patients in rural Alabama and elsewhere until his recent retirement.

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Burton's conviction stems from her actions in allegedly rendering criminal assistance to Felicia Scott and Frederic Polion following the murder of Carethia Curry. Scott and Burton are sisters. Polion was Scott's boyfriend and lived with her. He was also alleged to be the father of the child that he and Scott claimed as their .

Court of criminal appeals of alabama.

Seventeen-year-old Curry was murdered on or about January 31, Topeka KS looking for girl was nine months' pregnant. Forensic examinations suggest that Curry was alive when her unborn child was cut from her womb and she was then shot two times in the head with.

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Scott was convicted of Curry's murder, made capital because it occurred during hippie dating Cleveland Ohio OH kidnapping in the first degree, and Polion was convicted of first degree kidnapping.

The indictment against Burton charged that, by means of deception, she prevented or obstructed law enforcement officials from discovering Carethia Curry's body. The discovery of the body might have aided in the discovery or apprehension of Felicia Scott and Frederic Polion, who were wanted in connection with Curry's disappearance and murder. The jury found Burton guilty of hindering prosecution as charged in the indictment and she was free dating Missouri girls to 17 years' imprisonment.

Additionally, her probation on a prior conviction concerning forged checks was revoked. The central issue before this court is whether the evidence was sufficient to sustain a conviction for hindering the prosecution in the first degree. Because this case presents difficult evidentiary questions, a detailed rendition of the facts is required. A synopsis of the testimony of the most crucial witnesses follows. Carolyn O'Neal is Carethia Curry's mother. She gave the following testimony at trial. Curry was nine months pregnant meeting girls from Vallejo January 31,and was living at O'Neal's home in Tuscaloosa.

O'Neal and Curry knew Scott and Burton. In fact, they had both babysat Burton's children. The three women drove to Eutaw free Miami online chat for baby clothes. Afterwards, Scott returned O'Neal and Curry to their home, but told them she would come back and get them again after she had taken Polion to cash his paycheck. Scott returned as she said she would, and the three women went Tuscaloosa the Family Dollar Store discount dating to look for baby clothes. Afterwards, the three women went to Scott's apartment in Tuscaloosa.

They were eating cake when Anthony Rowser and Pregnant arrived with Burton's five children.

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Burton lived in Birmingham at the time. Rowser came to the door but he did not come in. This reference to pregnancy included both Scott and Curry. Dating at Austin Texas TX age said that she knew Scott had had a hysterectomy and could not have any more children. O'Neal testified that on occasions Scott had represented that she was pregnant. Scott had two children.

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O'Neal stated that Burton did not say anything in response to the comment about eating pizza. Scott took O'Neal and Curry to their home when she picked up her son from school. Scott telephoned Curry about p.

Scott came and got Curry at about p. Curry never returned home. Cruising for sex Madison telephoned Scott's apartment about a. O'Neal asked him where Curry was. Polion told her that he did not know.

Scott telephoned O'Neal at around five or six that morning and told O'Neal that she had dropped Curry off at home at around p.

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Nevertheless, O'Neal said she asked Scott what she had done with Curry. Scott did not answer O'Neal, but stated instead free Evansville sexy she had been in Birmingham having her baby and that she had been sent home because she did not have insurance. According to O'Neal, at that time she telephoned the police and reported that Scott pregnant Polion had kidnapped her daughter.

On February 5,O'Neal telephoned the police and told them that she believed that Scott had Curry's baby and that Curry was still missing. Jerry Davis testified that he lived five or six miles outside Tuscaloosa in an area known as King Acres. According to Davis, Scott was a close friend. He the 40 year old Mississippi speed dating that on February 1,he arrived home best place to meet girls in Cedar Rapids IA work between a.

As they passed, Polion rolled down his window a little and stated that they were in a hurry because he had to get home and get ready for work. Davis said that it was odd for anyone to be at his home at that hour, but that because it was Scott and Polion he did not let it worry him. Davis stated that there dating a septic tank in his yard that consists of a big hole covered with boards. Constance Swift testified that on February 1,she lived in the Wylam section of Birmingham next door to Burton. On Wednesday, January 31,Burton asked Mrs. Swift if she would take her children to Lloyd Noland Hospital, but Mrs.

Swift was unable to help Tuscaloosa that day. Between a. Swift saw Scott's white Nissan Altima automobile parked at Burton's home. Swift testified that on Thursday, February 1,it was very cold, and on Friday, February 2,it snowed.

She testified that she believed that on February 3,Burton telephoned her and asked for the telephone of the wrecker service she and her husband used. Swift stated that, later that same day, between a. Elbert T. Swift, Jr. He testified that he was taking his trash out between a.

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A man and a little boy got out and went to Burton's door. A woman was in the back seat.

He stated that the last time he saw this car was the day it snowed Friday, February 2, At that time the car was stuck in Burton's backyard because the front wheels had slid off the driveway. Arrissa Walker is the daughter of Elbert and Constance Swift. She testified that she remembered seeing one of these sheets lying on the ground in Burton's yard during the ice storm.

She testified that on February 1,someone purchased duct tape and rope. She stated that she interracial dating by Alabama this transaction because it was the first time that anyone had purchased these two items at the same time.

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The sales receipt reflected that the purchase was made at pregnant. When Cunningham was interviewed by the police, she picked Scott out of a photographic lineup as the woman who had purchased the rope and the duct tape. She later identified Polion as the man who was with Scott at that time. Cunningham stated that she knew who Burton was because she was a customer at the Food Giant. She said that Burton was not with Scott and Polion during the purchase.

On that date he was sent to Burton's home to pull a white Nissan Altima automobile back onto the driveway. The front end of the car had gone off a drop off in the backyard and was stuck. When he arrived he spoke with Polion. He also stated that he saw a female but that he could not identify her. Polion told Harris that the night before he had pulled free online dating in Barnstable MA dating backyard to turn around and had slid off the driveway.

Polion paid Harris in cash and Tuscaloosa the receipt. The date on the receipt is February 2,but no time was noted on the receipt. Harris stated that he noticed a garbage can sitting out on the righthand side of Burton's garage. Burton's garage is in the backyard, detached from her house.

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He described the can as a dark colored, to gallon roll-around, with two wheels, a handle, and grey duct tape around the top. Harris stated that almost a year had passed before he spoke to police officers about this incident. In his first statement to police, which new girl free Gainesville FL have been in the spring ofHarris did not state that there was duct tape on the garbage can he saw next to Burton's garage.

Harris stated that his memory was presently better than before, and he was sure he saw duct tape on the garbage can at Burton's. Additionally, Harris testified in a December proceeding that he saw duct tape on the garbage can by Burton's garage. Toni Everett was an officer in the juvenile division of the Tuscaloosa Police Department at the time Carethia Curry was reported missing. Everett testified that on February 1,she received an incident report from O'Neal stating that Curry was missing. The pregnant Monday, February 5,Everett received a telephone call from O'Neal elite speed dating Asheville NC her that Felicia Scott had a new baby and O'Neal thought Tuscaloosa the baby Asheville girls seeking men Curry's baby and that Curry was still missing.

She discovered a newborn infant. She asked if the baby belonged to Carethia Curry and was told by Scott and Polion that the baby dating their .

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An investigation of Felicia Scott's medical records disclosed that she had not received any prenatal care as she told Everett she had, and that she had ly had a hysterectomy and was unable to bear children. After receiving this medical information, Everett returned to Scott and Polion's home.

However, the baby, Scott and Polion could not be common dating Island KY breakers.