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After all, any depiction of America without recognition of its native people would be woefully incomplete.

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Gardner, Washington, D. The Chesapeake has a rich indigenous history that predates the creation of Washington, D. What societies were here before the birth of modern-day Washington? The human history of the region goes back thousands of years. Groups organized themselves into stratified political units known now as chiefdoms, developed military and political alliances, and practiced religious and spiritual ceremonies aimed at giving Jersey City NJ link dating and keeping the world in balance.

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View in National Archives Catalog. The pictures described in this list portray Native Americans, their homes, and activities. Geological Survey Record Group All of the pictures described in the list are either photographs or copies of artworks.

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Any item not identified as an artwork is a photograph. Whenever available, the name of the photographer or artist and the date of the item have been given.

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The selected photographs are in the public domain. English names of individuals have been used, with native or secondary deations in parentheses. Tribal names as specific as possible have been incorporated into the descriptions where known and where appropriate and an index by tribe follows the list.

The indians’ capital city: native histories of washington, d.c.

Captions for and the terms used to describe the photographs in this list were created at Dallas u dating about the time each image was made. Consequently, some of the terms used at the time may now be considered to be outdated, inaccurate, derogatory, disrespectful, or culturally insensitive.

NARA does not alter, edit, or modify original captions, as they are part of the historical record and reflect and document the standard language, attitudes, and biases at the time. To learn more about this topic researchers should contact the individual tribal archives, museums, or libraries.

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Many photographs relating to Native Americans are not included in this list. Separate inquiries for additional images should be as specific as possible, including names, dates, places, and other details.

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Bird's-eye view of Nez Perce' Agency, Idaho. General view of buildings, Rocky Boy Agency, Mont.

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Chippewa Photographed by Walter D. Wilcox, Office and sutler store, Round Valley Agency, Calif. Apaches delivering hay at Fort Apache, Ariz. Photographed by C. Navajo hogan and cornfield near Holbrook, Ariz. Photographed by F. Ames, Navajo women shearing sheep. Moapariat Paiute woman gathering seeds, southern Nevada.

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Photographed by John K. Hillers, Pisehedwin, a Potawatomi, and others in front of his Kansas farm home, Pumpkins growing in front of a single-family Zuni adobe. Hillers, ca.

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Apache basketwork collection of Lt. Davidson, 11th Infantry, Hopi woman weaving a basket. Photographed by Norfolk ladies free dating Peabody, ca. Papago basketmaker at work, Arizona. Photographed by H. Cory, Wolf Qq dating Lansing Harlish Washshomakea Paloos chief; full-length, standing, wearing a bead necklace and a beaded purse, String and belt wampum, ca. Indian burial ground.

Artwork by Maj. Gross, QMC, Dakota scaffold burial. Artwork by H. Yarrow, Artwork by Karl Bodmer, Bird's eye view of Sioux camp at Pine Ridge, S. Photographed by G. Trager, November 28, A Wichita camp. Two Apache babies on cradleboards. Apache boy with face and legs painted.

In addition to reading online, this title is available in these formats:

Photographed by Ben Wittick. Chiricahua Apache girl, granddaughter of Cochise; full-length, seated.

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Photographed by Ben Waco first emails for online dating, ca. Cherokee boy and girl in costume on reservation, North Carolina. Hillers, Jr. Angelic La Moose, whose grandfather was a Flathead chief, wearing costume her mother made; full-length, standing, in front of a tent, Flathead Reservation, Mont. Cory, September Lone Bear Tar-loa Kiowa, dressed as an Osage boy with paint stripes on forehead; full-length, seated.

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Photographed by William S. Soule, Navajo papoose on a cradleboard with a lamb approaching, Window Rock, Arizona. Armstrong Roberts, ca. Bend phone chat free trial ing by William T. Sherman and the Sioux at Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Photographed by Alexander Gardner, Photographed by John C. Grabill, Photographed by Helen Post, Photographed by Walter D. Navajo silversmith with examples of his work and tools. Arapaho Ghost Dance. Artwork by Mary Irvin Wright, ca.

Eskimo dance orchestra, including drumhe made from whale stomachs, Point Barrow, Alaska. Photographed by Stanley Morgan, Hopi women's dance, Oraibi, Ariz. Buffalo dance of the Mandans.