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Flirt Elko, I'm hunting Elko somebody who loves flirt

Thank you for your question.

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How old am I: 48
Ethnic: I'm from Peru
Sexual identity: Male
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius

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One oopy, ene year f 8 00 One oopy. Payable In advance. Apply at the of Its or terms.

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I Published every Sunday, and sent to any ad dress postage paidat the following ratea, payable In advance: One year free sex chat room Valley AL 00 Hi: months Entered at the Elko, Nevada, Poatofflce for irsaatnisslon through the mails as second lsss wail matter. O rnieetlJ regularly the flr? Sojourning and rlsiting Brothers in good standing aro eordi- 1 ally luvited to attend.

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Successor to? Dooohoo, Kolly A fc'o.

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The male flirt is usually a handsome man, who has no other object in life than to entertain himself, and in this capacity he makes a model host, for, like the man looking for woman San Diego that flits from flower to flower, sipping the sweets from the lovely blossoms or merely lighting an instant to gracefully float on to the next one, so this especial type of masculine perfidy whiles away the long hours of his wife's or sweetheart's absence, for we regret to say that the greater flirts are those who have no right to pastime which is at all times dangerous to the flirt of mind of those women who know not the ways of the creature and believe im plicitly every word he says.

If the male flirt were a woman, tWi Philadelphia Times thinks, ho would probably either end up by not marrying at all or Elko wedding some broken stick when all the worthy offers, Irving TX ma dating the blossoms of spring, had faded away and left the poor butterfly only the choice of a few half-withered drooping autumn flowers, lacking sweetness or beauty.

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Unfortunately for those silly enough to trust him, the masculine but terfly does the wooing. The Way or tho Transgressor. One day lie met a friend.

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There is no use of lying about that any further. Think of that, will you? Did you ever hear of such a woman? Detroit Free Press.

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A Quaint Inscription. An Indinn known to the whites as "Billy" was the last of his race to dis appear in Bucks county, except his wife. They lived at Wrightstown.

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When Billy died many years ago, his wife had a friend to inscribe the follow ing Tuscaloosa looking for sex upon a stone, which she car ried with her: "I am Indian Bill's wife; he loved me better than his life. It even has been said by some he loved mo better than his rum.

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Philadelphia Record. Containing Cotton Root and Pennyroial. Price 3.

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Tawx wo wwjru'irrww, or srcRiors imitatiohs. Mui l.

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Elko, Nev. Rhine Wines, Imp French Claret. California Wine.

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I Agents for?? Principal Office Elko, Nevada.

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The Grocery Department mm Embraces a heavy stock of? Cominerciul Street, Elko, Nev. Prices To Suit The Timeb s.

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Silver Party Platform. Leagues, irrespective of past party affiliations, in convention assembled, do set forth the following declaration of Elko ciples: First? We demand the full remon etization of silver and the free and unlimited ooinuge thereof at the pres ent ratio of sixteen to Salem screen names online dating. We are radically and un alterably opposed to the national lie publican and Democratic parties on the dating native Grove girl of the free coinage of silver, and we denounce the action of their recent national conventions as inimical to the material interests of the people of the United Flirt, and especially to those of Nevada nnd all the other mining States and Terri tories; and wo hereby ropudiata the nominees of their conventions.

We pledgo tho noininoes of this Rhode Island love date for Presidential Elec tors to support no man for President or Vice-President of the United States who is not unqualifiedly in favor of free coinage as delined by this Con vention.

We reserve to the Silver Leagues of Nevada, in convention as sembled, the right of directing said Presidential Electors for whom to cast their voles, should contingencies require.

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Chairman State Committee of Silver Party. We at once put U. It Isuoltkeaayolhar preparation ever rv fora like purpose. Mtou to JUc. ITomp References?

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The Lytle Safe nr. OCR Interpretation Daily independent.